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Evidence-based Learning

ACES [Inc.] Clinics provide an original, innovative tutoring service. We are the first organisation to exclusively offer specialist tuition for students with learning disorders (e.g. dyslexia and dyscalculia) on a not-for-profit basis. Tutor colleagues share their knowledge and expertise enriching the learning environment for the benefit of all students.

One-to-One Tuition

Many educational remediation programs and software are mass-administered, generic and undifferentiated. For maximum effectiveness, students need to have individual, appropriate intervention which is rigorously administered and monitored by specialist tutors experienced in remediating learning difficulties.

Affordable Fees

ACES [Inc.] is committed to providing the highest quality professional service at an affordable cost. As a not-for-profit organisation, all income is channelled back into the organisation, ensuring students have access to current knowledge and resources. When funding is available, further subsidies can be offered to families in financial need. Commercial fees for a comparable service are around $180 per session (e.g. local speech pathologist providing specialist literacy tutoring).

Our Teaching Professionals

ACES [Inc.] has a highly skilled and experienced team of professional tutors who are dedicated and passionate about assisting students to reach their academic potential. Senior supervisory staff have a minimum of a master's degree and most are engaged in ongoing educational research.

Founding Education Professional

Dr Eugénie Kestel, PhD MSc Dip Teach, is the Executive Director of ACES (Inc.). She has a PhD from Monash University and a Master of Science degree from UWA. Eugénie's research area involves investigating effective interventions for students with learning disorders.Her PhD study compared the effectiveness of specialist mathematics tutoring delivered by personal video-conferencing and face-to-face delivery for students with learning difficulties. Eugénie continues to present papers at international and domestic scientific conferences. Eugénie also collaborates with colleagues to publish research papers for international scientific journals.

Read about some of Eugénie's research


Eugénie has worked exclusively with students who learn differently for over 12 years in intervention settings, both in Australia and overseas. She is heavily involved in the training and mentoring of specialist teachers and tutors at ACES (Inc.) and externally including teaching pre-service teachers at university.

In collaboration with the senior specialist teachers, she designs and supervises all of the individual intervention tuition programs at ACES (Inc.).

Eugénie is the parent of a child with a learning disorder.


  • I can see the massive improvements my daughter is making and the change quality tutoring has made to her confidence levels. She walks out of both tutoring sessions, English and Science, filled with deeper understanding of the topic taught and belief in herself. She is working hard to put all that she has learnt into her school work. We can't believe the difference it has made and are truly thankful for the help and support she receives form her fantastic tutors.

    - Parent of Year 11 student, August 2019

  • I just wanted to share some good news. We sought tutoring for our daughter as she attained 36% in the standardised maths test at the end of last year. They completed a similar test in the first week of school this year and she earned 71%. Thanks for all your help it has obviously worked miracles.

    - Parent of Year 5 student, 2019

  • We have seen the benefits over the last few years and have witnessed great improvement in our son's English and Maths. I would hate to think where he would be, if we had never had him at ACES. It is hard to believe that he has been coming to ACES for almost 4 years now. His tutor has the patience of a saint, and the great rapport between her and our son has, I am sure, been a major factor helping in his engagement. All the tutors have worked really well with him and we would just like to take this moment to thank you for your outstanding service.

    - Parents of a Yr 9 student moving overseas

  • My son continues to enjoy attending ACES. In his own words 'people there smile a lot'. I loved this.

    - Parent of Year 3 student, July 2019