Professional Learning

ACES Inc. (Academic Clinics for Exceptional Students Incorporated) offers PL workshops presented by Dr Eugénie Kestel.

Dr Eugénie Kestel is Executive Director and co-founder of Academic Clinics for Exceptional Students (Inc.). She completed her PhD in mathematics education at Monash University and holds a Master's degree in Science from UWA. Dr Kestel is also actively involved in pre-service teacher education at Edith Cowan University as a Sessional Academic and at Monash University and Queensland University of Technology as a researcher in mathematics education. Her research interests involve investigating effective interventions for students with learning problems. She regularly presents papers at national and international education conferences including the MERGA Teachers Day. She has published in scientific journals including Learning Disabilities Research & Practice. Most recently, Eugenie co-authored the national education report: Review of evidence-based approaches for supporting Year 7 students significantly behind in literacy and numeracy, for the Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO), to be released in March 2023. She has taught English and mathematics at both primary and secondary level at schools in Australia and overseas.

Below are overviews of the various workshops we can offer as either a full or half-day. These can be catered to your school and its specific needs.

Mathematical Learning Problems- Useful Assessment and Effective Intervention

This workshop is highly interactive, practical and engaging, based around the most current research on Mathematical Learning Problems (MLPs). Dr Kestel aims to give teachers a toolkit of effective assessments for identification of MLPs as well as provide strong evidence-based strategies for successful intervention practice. Using case studies, teachers will be able to investigate what these learning problems can look like, what the research tells us about effective intervention and the implication of this for teachers including preparing individual education and curriculum adjustment plans.

Supporting Students Literacy Development in the Classroom

This workshop is the sister to our mathematics workshop. It aims to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to identify a variety of learning problems and difficulties (including dyslexia) that can affect students ability to develop their literacy skills. The workshop aims to break down the research and best practice for teaching reading, spelling and writing for students with literacy deficits in a way that makes sense. By using real-world examples and case studies, the workshop gives teachers the skills, as well as suggested lesson activities that effectively use structured, synthetic phonics programs and other evidence-based strategies to provide school-based intervention for students.



  • Our Learning Enhancement team had the privilege of working with Dr Eugenie Kestel in 2017. The one-day workshop focused on the practical implementation of mathematics teaching and assessment with a focus on learning difficulties. Eugenie's expertise of math pedagogy and specifically, dyscalculia, has been invaluable for the development of our Academic Plans for students requiring individual tuition, and our small group support programs. Students can often be moved through the curriculum without having the essential fundamentals for mathematical understanding. Eugenie provided us with the tools to accurately pinpoint the needs of students to ensure these fundamentals are not assumed or overlooked, by offering evidence-based intervention strategies and resources for best practice teaching and learning. We cannot thank Eugenie enough for the engaging professional development and her ongoing support of our staff and students.

    - Jayne Bolton, Learning Enhancement, Penrhos Junior School

  • I have worked with Eugenie for a number of years on a personal and professional level. Her dedication and passion are infectious and ensures she has not only a thorough in-depth knowledge in the area of math difficulties but also a wealth of firsthand practical experience that you know works!

    Eugenie's presentation was thoughtfully compiled given she had an extremely diverse and experienced audience. She was engaging and able to infuse humour and realism with her real-life examples. The staff were able to take away a toolkit of assessments and strategies and how to implement them not to mention all the fabulous resources mentioned throughout the day!

    Thank you so much Eugenie for a fabulous, professional and inspiring day!

    - Michelle Kingsbury Deputy Principal, Northhampton District High School

  • I found Eugenie to be very engaging as a presenter. She presented in great depth the areas of mathematics that students generally struggle with and explained in great detail what mathematical learning problems look like while relating this back to real life examples. Her in-depth explanation of how to use assessment was valuable as she provided examples of how to teach each aspect while linking it back to how and why.

    - Naomi Haynes from Meekatharra SOTA

  • I found Eugenie to be a very knowledgeable and engaging presenter. She displayed a deep understanding of overcoming difficulties in teaching Maths and was able to relate her presentation to real life scenarios she has encountered through her work. This was extremely valuable and gave me some concrete strategies to use when working with students experiencing difficulties in Maths.

    - Katherine Mills from Kimberley SOTA


  • I can see the massive improvements my daughter is making and the change quality tutoring has made to her confidence levels. She walks out of both tutoring sessions, English and Science, filled with deeper understanding of the topic taught and belief in herself. She is working hard to put all that she has learnt into her school work. We can't believe the difference it has made and are truly thankful for the help and support she receives form her fantastic tutors.

    - Parent of Year 11 student, August 2019

  • I just wanted to share some good news. We sought tutoring for our daughter as she attained 36% in the standardised maths test at the end of last year. They completed a similar test in the first week of school this year and she earned 71%. Thanks for all your help it has obviously worked miracles.

    - Parent of Year 5 student, 2019

  • We have seen the benefits over the last few years and have witnessed great improvement in our son's English and Maths. I would hate to think where he would be, if we had never had him at ACES. It is hard to believe that he has been coming to ACES for almost 4 years now. His tutor has the patience of a saint, and the great rapport between her and our son has, I am sure, been a major factor helping in his engagement. All the tutors have worked really well with him and we would just like to take this moment to thank you for your outstanding service.

    - Parents of a Yr 9 student moving overseas

  • My son continues to enjoy attending ACES. In his own words 'people there smile a lot'. I loved this.

    - Parent of Year 3 student, July 2019