One-to-one tuition for students with learning difficulties

“Thank you ACES, the skills and approach to learning you have taught our son have transformed him into a confident and happy young man who is now planning to continue his study at a tertiary level”

~ Parent letter received in 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What age of students do you tutor?
Students between the ages of 6 and 18 years are referred by teachers, doctors, psychologists, other agencies and organisations. Students are informally assessed at our clinic before commencing tuition to ensure the best possible tutor fit.

What are your hours of operation?
ACES [Inc.] hours of operation are 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Thursday and 7 am to 5 pm on Friday during school terms. Specialist holiday programmes are available subject to negotiation.

How often do students attend?
Once accepted, students are given between one and three, one-hour sessions per week. Students with learning disabilities often require specialist intervention for a number of years. As students develop and progress, their contact hours are lowered until they can eventually cope without specialist intervention. Some students may continue with irregular sessions to ease their transition to independent study.

What are the fees?
Fees are charged on a per term basis, based on a rate of $80 per hour. In the case of financial hardship, an application for special consideration can be lodged with the ACES [Inc.] committee.

How do you monitor progress?
A student’s progress is meticulously monitored and recorded every session. Individual programmes are regularly reviewed and modified as required. Continual feedback between the school performance and each student’s clinic work is achieved through debriefing the parents at the end of each session and liaising with schools and other professionals wherever possible. Formal progress reports can be requested for an additional fee.

Where are the face-to-face sessions conducted?
We operate from a convenient location adjacent to Claremont Quarter on Gugeri Street. Students unable to attend the clinic receive tuition by personal video-conferencing via a privately hosted live streaming application. This can easily be accessed from a home or school PC (no specialist software is required).

I’m interested in your services, what do I do next?

Please contact ACES by phone or email