One-to-one tuition for students with learning difficulties

“Thank you ACES, the skills and approach to learning you have taught our son have transformed him into a confident and happy young man who is now planning to continue his study at a tertiary level”

~ Parent letter received in 2012

OUR Mission Statement

“ACES [Inc.] offers parents and carers an evidence-based, affordable alternative to commercial educational remediation programmes.”


The aim of the association is to establish educational clinics throughout Western Australia providing specialist intervention and educational programmes for students with learning difficulties and disabilities.

OUR Belief

It is our belief that every Australian child, regardless of socioeconomic status or other circumstances, deserves access to the best teaching available giving him or her the greatest chance of success in an educational setting.

OUR Strategy to Deliver Results

• focus on provision of appropriate services rather than profit

• high quality services provided at low cost

• access to diverse range of appropriate educational resources for students and specialist tuition providers

• advice to parents and teachers and design of specialist intervention not driven by commercial concerns

• mentoring of new specialist teachers and tutors by experienced professionals

• sharing of professional expertise and experience

• quality control of services provided by peer review, input of advisors and supervision by skilled and experienced professionals

• provision of a centre where parents and students can access support from both professionals and peers facing similar challenges.